12-14 March 2018
Cape Town Marriott Hotel, South Africa
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marcus evans takes great pride in organising the 4th Annual City Development Africa: Smart Growth & Digital Transformation flagship event scheduled from the 12 – 14 of March in Cape Town. This event will showcase how innovative ideas can translate into practical solutions for cities and the built environment and demonstrate relevant thinking on planning, sustainability and adaptation mechanisms for success.

As planning is so critical to this process, this presents challenges and opportunities for change and allows cities worldwide to learn faster and jointly identity effective strategies. A viable 21st century planning, rather than including top-down innovation, opts to embed technology in social innovations. Now, more than ever, there is a greater focus on the role of cities in shaping their own future. This proposition comes at a time when we have to do more with less and when there is an increasing emphasis on the relationship between technology, urban resilience, social innovation and civil society.

Cities are establishing digital ecosystems that enhances its liveability, workability and sustainability, as well as, integrating intelligent planning to make informed decisions about the correct choice of infrastructure and supporting technology. This event covers smart growth and digital transformation initiatives together with responsive environments to make cities and towns that are capable of thriving in a continuously changing landscape.

Attend this 4th Annual City Development Africa: Smart Growth & Digital Transformation event to learn how to address the challenges, examine critical issues, explore how this sector can grow and how to deliver more using innovative technology and solutions, thereby taking advantage of the unprecedented opportunities in this sector.

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