12-14 March 2018
Cape Town Marriott Hotel, South Africa
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Multi Stream Conference

Stream One: Masterplanning & Revitalisation  

Here we will uncover urban planning, design, as well as the importance of successful integration of land use and ICT in the delivery and management of cities. This stream focuses on elements of masterplanning and revitalisation of new and existing towns and cities towards more holistic, inclusive communities. It will include strategies to create public spaces to promote better community interaction and look at how to integrate new city projects within existing developments to create a vibrant, mixed use sustainable society. We will also look at sustainable urban mobility to reduce traffic congestion in crowded urban areas. We will also uncover how to create interfaces with transport services and leveraging on this connectivity to revitalise the underutilised precincts while bringing significant economic and social benefits to the wider community.  

Stream Two Infrastructure Development & Smart Technologies  

We will provide a platform to address current challenges and discuss innovative strategies to enable the reduction of operating costs and increase the implementation of energy management strategies for buildings through the adoption of sustainable infrastructure, innovative materials and energy efficient building technologies. We will also delve into best practices and approaches to enable facility optimisation through the convergence of intelligent design, building automation and IT. We will also aim to cover new trends in IoT, Building Information Modelling, Solar, Smart Grid and Onsite Renewable Energy Systems as to optimise the management and operations of cities.  

EXCLUSIVE DAY 3 Transit Oriented Developments: Delivering Vibrant Mixed Use Communities

Here we will have a series of Plenaries, Case Studies to discuss the challenges and best practices when developing Transit Oriented Developments. These projects are ideally designed to maximise access to public transport in a residential, commercial or mixed-use area therefore ultimately discouraging an individual’s auto-dependency and promote transit ridership, thereby alleviating traffic congestion, improving air quality and limiting carbon emissions in high congested cities. We will explore how to emphasise the integration of transit on a regional basis and walkability in neighbourhoods, as well as how to best plan urban growth on a broader regional level to be compact and and transit-supportive.

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